Private Well Testing Results

The Pittsgrove Township Environmental Commission would like to thank Jessie Gleeson and her colleagues from the NJ DOH for their assistance and expertise as partners in the Private Well Testing Initiative. And of course, thanks to all of our fellow Pittsgrove residents for their participation and interest over the past few years of the testing.

The results of the initiative were presented at the Environmental Commission meeting on February 22, 2021.

The  presentation and a map of the number of individuals in each voting district who participated in either the 2018 or 2020 events (173 total) can be accessed by clicking  View the Aforementioned Presentation or  View the Aforementioned Map.

For the map, there are some limitations.  The voting district lines are ” hand-drawn” into the mapping software, and some of the lines are not perfect. Also many of the homes are on the boundary lines between two districts, so the software would have counted them in both districts or possibly in one but not the other. With this in mind it should provide a some idea of where the majority of individuals participated but is not perfect by any measure.

For understanding contamination in small areas the best bets are the NJ PWTA data maps; the link is included in the presentation and is also copied here:

On the top, click on grids. In the little magnifying glass you can type in Pittsgrove Twp, NJ, and it will bring you to the nearby grids. When you click on a grid it will tell you how many wells were tested and the % exceedance for different contaminants.