Business Incentives:

Pittsgrove Township is very interested in bringing new quality businesses into the Township. We recognize the need to provide incentives to attract these businesses. The following incentives are currently available:
3.5% Sales Tax: Businesses in Pittsgrove Township are eligible to charge the 3.5% reduced sales tax on most retail sales. This can give your business an important price advantage. There are some exceptions so please refer to the NJ Sales Tax Guide for complete information, or contact the NJ Division of Taxation at 800-323-4400.

Tax Abatement: Pittsgrove Township is qualified to offer property tax abatements. New and expanding businesses can apply for a one to five year tax abatement following their move to or expansion within the township. Contact the Tax Assessor's office at 856-358-2300, ext 6011 for more information, or the EDC at 856-358-2300, ext. 6021.

Loan Assistance: We work closely with the Salem County Department of Economic Development (856-339-8615) and the Small Business Administration (856-415-2283) to help businesses get the funding they need to get established in Pittsgrove Township.

Small Business Start-up Assistance: In partnership with the Small Business Administration (856-415-2283), new, relocating and expanding businesses can get free consulting and training services to help get established in Pittsgrove. Assistance to businesses owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals is also available.

For more information or to discuss bringing your business to Pittsgrove Township, please contact the Economic Development Committee at (856)358-2300 ext 6021