Adopt A Road

Group Obligations:

Each group must clean up their assignment four (4) times per year, once in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter quarters in a two (2) year period.

Each group will determine their clean-up dates.

Each group will provide one adult supervisor for each eight youth workers under age 17. Supervisors must be on site at all times. Increased supervisory ratios are recommended for workers age 10 and younger.

Assignment Control:

Clean-up materials, including trash bags, gloves, and safety equipment will be provided by the Clean Community Coordinator.


Each group is responsible to deliver all litter and recyclable materials to the Township Waste Facility for disposal. Recyclable materials must be sorted and placed in the designated containers at the Waste Facility. All recyclable materials collected during Clean Community assignments are the property of Pittsgrove Township.

White goods (refrigerators, ranges, hot water tanks, etc.) shall be reported to the Clean Community Coordinator for pick-up by the Township Public Works Department. Group's involvement in White Goods litter is to report the location only.

Each group is responsible to complete a Weight Report upon completion of each cleanup. Only the number of bags of trash and recyclables are to be recorded on the Weight Report. Each clean-up will be inspected by the Clean Community Coordinator.


No payment will be made for completing Adopt-A-Road assignments. A Pittsgrove Township Adopt-A-Road Sign with a group identification sign will be erected at both ends of the assignment road to publicize the Group's volunteer spirit and community pride.

Adopt A Road Resources: