Dog Licensing

*2022 Dog Licensing Extension Authorized by Resolution 53-2022.*

Late fees are waived until April 1, 2022

Complete 2022 Dog License Forms by Mail / Drop Box / In-Person.

Acceptable forms of payment : Cash/Check / Money Order

Renewing a prior Dog License?

New Dog in the Family? Never Been Licensed?

Rabies Exempt? Must Be Completed by a Veterinarian

**Late Fees of $20. Per Dog Begin on March 2, 2022.**

If you no longer have your dog, contact 856/358-2300 ext. 6020 to update our records.

*It is anticipated that a Dog Census will be conducted in 2022.*



Shelter / Kennel / Pet Shop Licenses

Kennel / Shelter / Pet Shop Application

Applicable Codes