Public Safety Info

Pool Reminder:

ANY structure (permanent, portable, blow up, etc.) that retains water over 24" in depth requires permits and must meet all barrier requirements of section AG105 of the building code.

Call before you dig!:

Call before you dig for those Spring home improvement projects. Call 811 or visit the website linked here.

Driveway Info:

Driveways shall have a minimum width of 10 feet and shall be cleared to a height of no less than 15 feet. The driveways will be maintained to allow clear access of emergency vehicles, including fire and rescue vehicles. (Township Code: 73-1.1)

Address Posts:

Proper 9-1-1 Emergency Address Posts with 3 1/2" reflective numbers are required on all properties. Click here for the 911 post requirements. (Township Code: Chapter 71)

Attention ATV Owners:

Pittsgrove Township ordinance 96-24 prohibits the use of any O.R.V. (Off Road Vehicle) on any land not owned by the rider of an O.R.V. without the express written permission of the land owner. See other safety reminders here.

Ice & Snow Law:

In October 2010 a new law was made effective that requires motorists to clear all ice and snow from vehicles prior to driving. Click here to learn more.

NJ State Police Tip Line - 856-451-6034

The Tip Line for information you feel is important for the State Police to know; your call is automatically routed to voice mail.

For emergencies please ALWAYS dial 911.